The Incredible Automated Dada Poetry Machine

To make a Dadaist poem:
Take a newspaper.
Take a pair of scissors.
Choose an article as long as you are planning to make your poem.
Cut out the article.
Then cut out each of the words that make up this article and put them in a bag.
Shake it gently.
Then take out the scraps one after the other in the order in which they left the bag.
Copy conscientiously.
The poem will be like you.
And here you are a writer, infinitely original and endowed with a sensibility that is charming though beyond the understanding of the vulgar.
Tristan Tzara
Get it out of your head and into the machines. Stop talking stop arguing. Let the machines talk and argue. A tape recorder is an externalized section of the human nervous system.
William Burroughs human being can ever be a poet.
Samuel Johnson

Machine v4 beta 1 Change log

you have found incredible automated dada poetry machine. the machine will take a pair of scissors and shake gently. please feed the animals.

here be dada

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